Given Being

What does poetry have to do with philosophy? Well, consider certain words that live their lives in the conversations of philosophers. Shouldn’t poets know how to play the whole piano?

Take ‘being’: poets should be able to use that word mindfully,?in full awareness of its multiple usages and ambiguities. And then certain phrases, like ‘given being,’ where idioms cast light on dark places in all too often univocal concepts.

‘Given being’: that is, given the irreducible presence of being in consciousness, what follows? That is, being-as-not a construction of thought but an irreducible primordial sine qua non (since nothing comes from nothing and nothing has relevance only in light of the somethingness of being).

And there you go, the grammar of an ordinary word leads into the complexities and finesses of the fidelities of thought, anciently called philosophy.

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